"JM Diabetes Center - Quality Care at Affordable Cost"Complete Diabetic check up, Mini diabetic check up, Executive check up, Kidney check up, Nerves check up etc.
Cheif diabetologist:

Dr Mubarak's vision to open a Diabetes center for our people which gives quality care with affordable price. It has brand new POSH, automated and computerized Lab with 100% accuracy.

Cheif diabetologist: Dr. J. Mubarak MD , D.Diab UK - JM Diabetes
Apply online & get free online consultation... As prices are increasing every day we decided not to charge our patients.
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Do's and don'ts for diabetes patient

Because everything you eat affects your glucose levels, properly managing your diet is key to preventing and controlling diabetes. However, choosing the right foods can be confusing. White rice is a no-no, but what about brown? Are you better off eating a carrot or an apple?

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opular artificial sweetener Splenda was found to have an effect on how the body handles blood sugar in a recent study published in Diabetes Care. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis say that Splenda – and other artificial, low- or no-calorie sweeteners – may not be…


With co ordination from Billroth Hospital and its excellent team of doctors and nurses – offerred a free blood sugar check up , free BP check up, free ECG, Free ECHO and Free consultation by well known cardiologist [huge_it_portfolio id="5"]


With about 15 years of experience in Diabetes field Dr J.Mubarak MD , D.Diab UK.has opened Diabetes Center in Chennai. Mission QUALITY CARE AT AFFORDABLE COST As prices are increasing every day we decided not to charge our patients. Its very minimal and prices are competitive without compromising the quality…